Andrew Hayzen


Studying Bsc Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes University

Foundation in Computing (85%) at Oxford Brookes University

3 A Levels, 2 AS Levels, 1 Diploma and 14 GCSEs

Qualifications in detail


2009 - Present at Pentana Audit & Resource Planning Software

Programming languages such as Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, QML ...

Frameworks such as PyGtk, Ubuntu SDK ...

Experience in detail


To contact me please use the form on the following page, in which I then attempt to respond to your email within 7 days.

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Launchpad is a web application and website that allows users to develop and maintain software, particularly open-source software. Most of my current programming development can be found on launchpad in projects such as Ubuntu Music App.

Launchpad Profile

Ubuntu Core Apps

I contribute to the Ubuntu Core Apps project. After the announcement of the Ubuntu Phone and as part of the phone platform Canonical are inviting the community to participate in building the core set of apps that will ship with the phone. This provides a fantastic opportunity to create software that could run on millions of handsets!

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps Project


My Ubuntu Wiki page I use to track achievements which I have performed within the Ubuntu community, goals which I have achieved and hope to achieve, feedback from other developers and events I have attended.

Andrew Hayzen Wiki



I have a personal blog in which I voice personal opinions on technical news, personal achievements within communities and progress on projects or events I have attended.

Personal Blog


I use both Google+ and Google hangouts to socialise and community with other engineers and friends throughout the world.

Google+ Profile


I, and other Ubuntu contributors, use IRC as a form of communication to socialise and work on projects such as the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps.

I use the IRC nickname of ahayzen and usually hang out in #ubuntu-app-devel, #ubuntu-touch and others during European daytime.

Freenode web chat


Ubuntu Music App

I am a Music App Developer for the Ubuntu Music App which is a ‘Default Music application for Ubuntu devices’ using the Ubuntu SDK and written in QML/JS/C++.

Ubuntu Music App project page


HayzenTech DataBase is a simple Python based database class that can manage and run databases.

HTD info


Cappella is a simple and intuitive media player which is being developed with Ubuntu in mind and is being developed in PyGObject.

Cappella Media Player Info